Facade Consultancy
Pre-tendering Phase. 
  • Providing a full technical study and review for the current specifications, drawings and BOQ.  
All available documents will be studied in consideration with the client and consultant requirements and a list of questions, clarification and suggestions will be prepared to be sent to the consultant. 
  • Deliverables: 
    • Aluminum & Glazing specification review report. 
    • Preparing a full Aluminum and glazing specification review that covers all related elements according to the consultant and owner needs and requirements in addition to complying with the related international standards.  
    • Drawing review report. 
    • Reviewing all architectural drawings of the project to ensure the comply with the specification. 
    • Reviewing BOQ for the aluminum and glazing package. 
    • Preparing detailed drawings for the aluminum and glazing addressing all relations between the system and the other project elements such as floorings, false ceiling, concrete slabs, corners, structural elements…etc. 
    • Preparing detailed openings and façade schedule for all related elements of the aluminum and glazing. 

Pre-installation phase. 
  • Reviewing all submissions such as material, details and shop-drawings provided by the subcontractor before submitting the same to the consultant / client for approval. This review will cover and include the following items: 
    •  Material Submission: Verifying that the materials used are in compliance with the project specification and fulfilling the requirement of the international standards with regards to the safety, security, structural and general glass processing, including all technical data, certifications, tests reports mentioned in the specification or requested by the international norms. 
    • Special technical reports: a list of important reports will be coordinated with the aluminum contractor to submit for approvals, such as:  
      • Structural analysis report for the different systems used. 
      • Wind analysis report 
      • Traffic Sound transmission report.  
      • Glare Analysis report.  
      • Safely and security report.  
      • Optical distortion analysis report.  
      •  Shop drawings review.

Installation phase. 
  • Supervision on the fabrication of the material by the subcontractor if and when needed, and Supervision on the installation of subcontractor scope of work which would include the following: 
    • Reports on the progress of the work reflecting the current status on the agreed time schedule. 
    • Issuing NCR (Non Conformity Report) if and when needed. 
    • Providing the data and support for the consultant and supervision team for the preparation of the “monthly percentage of completion” report. 
    • Preparing the snag list for the scope of work in coordination with the consultant. 
    • Providing technical support for solving any site related problems with regards to the aluminum and glass works. 
    • Supervision on any needed site test such as water penetration tests.  
    • Support in preparing the internal handing over report.